Spring 2017

April: I will be participating in a panel at the APA Pacific organized by Jason Wirth and Gerard Kuperus of PACT. Our theme will be “Politics on the Edge.”

Fall 2016

November: I will be presenting a paper on Hagglund and Johnston at a conference at the New School in New York organized by the International Society for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy. The program can be viewed here.

October: I will be presenting a paper as part of a symposium on critical theory, psychoanalysis, and the politics of the archive hosted by the Comparative Literature department at the University of Southern California. My paper will be “Image as Inheritance: Approaching Derrida and Film.”

September: I presented a paper (“What is Deconstructive Resistance?”) at the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition’s conference on “Colony and Resistance” hosted (fantastically) by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo.

Spring/Summer 2016

March: I will be giving a paper on deconstruction, technology, and media at ACLA 2016.

April: I will be giving a talk on normativity in deconstruction as it emerges in Derrida’s Seminars on the question of sovereignty at the University of Alberta. I will also be participating in a seminar for graduate students on Derrida’s Death Penalty Seminars with Catherine Kellogg (Politics, Univ. of Alberta) and Marie-Eve Morin (Philosophy, Univ. of Alberta).

June: I will be giving a paper on Derrida and Foucault on the death penalty as part of a panel on “Normative Possibilities in the Late Derrida” (a panel organized by Marie-Eve Morin [Philosophy, University of Alberta]) at the fifth Derrida Today conference, hosted by Goldsmith’s, University of London.

Fall 2015

October: I will be giving a paper on Derrida and Foucault at the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy annual conference at Emory University. The paper was an honorable mention for the “Best Paper by a Junior Scholar” award at SPEP.

Summer 2015

July: I will be a participating faculty member for the third week of the 2015 Collegium Phaenomenologicum in Italy, organized around the study of Derrida’s Seminars.